Cremation is the last respect that we pay to our beloved one.

Cremation in a Crematorium

Cremation in a closed chamber furnace is Safe; 100% efficient and eco friendly.

Once the rituals to the deceased are over, the body placed upon the moveable trolley which is pushed into cremation furnace, at once, the furnace is ready for cremation.

The cremation furnace has got primary and secondary chambers.

The body would incinerate in the primary chamber and then in the secondary chamber in between 900 – 1200 degree temperature and the cremation get completed in about 60 to 90 minutes maximum.

After cremation, as per pollution control board standards, our system and equipments will clean and remove the hazardous gases and substances with modern technology.

Our system has the ash removal system in which the ash and remains can be collected for further customs.

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