Coir Fibre Dryer with WOOD HAG

Why our dryer needed??

The existing various methods of coconut fibre drying are biggest time consuming process involved with more men power and totally depends on nature resources. The traditional method of drying is restricted with seasonal reasons and other mechanical methods of drying also do not have proven record of increase in fibre drying volume.

Fibre Drying & Coconut Shell Charcoal production – Dual Application .

“GET” offer a Biomass Gasifier with coconut shell as a fuel for dual application viz., producing coconut shell charcoal and at the same time drying the coir fibre in a continuous coir fibre dryer with a Hot Air Generator. This innovative dual application engineering gives a value added product to the customer besides reducing the wood cost required for the wood based Hot Air Generator.

Manufacturing shell charcoal and drying coir fibre

Continuous Fibre Dryer with Wood Based Hot Air Generator

This engineering is for customers those who wanted to dry the coir fibre alone with a wood based Hot Air Generator.

The coir fibre machine is approximately of the dimension (in Mtrs) 10.9 (L) x2.3 (W) x 1.3 (Ht).

For Continuous operation the dryer has a moving perforated sheets conveyor system which is fitted with a chain assembly. The moisture fibre is being feed at the input of the dryer and the fibre travel on the perforated sheet conveyor and the required hot air from the wood based HAG is being blown upon the fibre which makes the fibre to dry with in a required moisture level in a preset regular time cycle and thus the dried fibre comes out at the other end of the dryer.

Wood Based Hot Air Generator

We supply a wood based Hot Air Generator along with continuous fibre dryer and the wood consumption per hour is 40 Kgs to 50 Kgs.

Fibre Drying Capacity per Hour

We supply dryers to dry fibres from 270 Kgs / Hour to 400 Kgs/ Hour based upon the need of customer.

Our Company

General Enviro Tech P Ltd ( GET), Coimbatore is a multi faced engineering company manufacture and supply Biomass Gasifer, Continuous Fibre Dryer, Hot Air Generators, Shell Breaking Machine etc .

Our Vision

To supply the continuous fibre dryer machine for – Unmatched Fibre Quality, More Drying quantity of coir fibre in all seasons and good service after sales.

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