Coir Fibre Dryerwith Biomass Gasifier

Fibre Drying & Coconut Shell Charcoal production – Dual Application

“GET” offer a Biomass Gasifier with coconut shell as a fuel for dual application viz., producing coconut shell charcoal and at the same time drying the coir fibre in a continuous coir fibre dryer with a Hot Air Generator.

This innovative dual application engineering gives a value added product to the customer besides reducing the wood cost required for the wood based Hot Air Generator.

Manufacturing shell charcoal and drying coir fibre

Coconut Shell is the biomass for the Biomass Gasifier. So, Biomass Gasifier will produce 20% - 25% of coconut shell charcoal at a regular time interval besides a part energy – the raw producer gas will be burn out in the Hot Air Generator and thus the required hot air for the fibre dryer also piped out from the biomass gasifier itself.

Hence, wood cost 40 Kg/ 50 Kgs per hour which required for wood HAG is saved.

Fibre Drying Capacity per Hour

Our continous fibre dryers to dry the coir fibres from 270 Kgs / Hour to 400 Kgs/ Hour based upon the need of customer.

Dryer Compartments

According to the need of the customer we can supply 3 Compartment or 4 Compartments Coir fibre Dryer.

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