Coir Fibre Dryer

How our GET coir fibre dryer is different??

The existing various methods of coir fibre drying are biggest time consuming process involved with more men power and totally depends on natural resources.

The traditional method of drying is restricted with sun light and wind and other mechanical methods of drying also do not have proven record of increase in fibre drying volume.

By our continuous coir fibre dryer machine you can dry the coir fibre 20 Hours in a day.

How the coir fibre is drying??

For Continuous operation the dryer has a moving perforated sheets conveyor system which is fitted with a chain assembly.

The moisture fibre is being feed at the input of the dryer and the fibre travel on the perforated sheet conveyor and the required hot air from the wood based HAG is being blown upon the fibre which makes the fibre to dry with in a required moisture level in a preset regular time cycle and thus the dried fibre comes out at the other end of the dryer.

Our Coir Fibre Dryers production per hour:

Our continuous fibre drying machine , will dry coir fibres from 270 Kgs / Hour to 400 Kgs/ Hour based upon the number of compartments we supply with the coir fibre dryer.

Quality of the dried fibre:

Our coir fibre dryers are designed in such a way that all fibre will dry uniformly and the dried fibre will be free from dirt, mud, stones and other foreign materials.

So, quality of the fibre will be the best.

Men Power:

Our continuos fibre dryer needs just 1 person to operate and if a conveyor will be fixed at the output of the dryer then the dries fibre can be directly send to the baling place. You can good quality coir fibre with less men power cost.

Will dry the fibre in all seasons:

You can dry your coir fibre in our continuos fibre dryer in all seasons. Hence your profit will be increased during the rainy seasons.

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